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It’s Important To Be Involved

Posted: July 18 - 2011

We spent some time with Bowling Green KyMBA this past weekend and on August 31, 2011, their favorite local trail will be closed: the Sal Hollow Trail in Mammoth Cave National Park. It’s a beautiful... Read More

Faces of Advocacy: Judi Ronkartz

Posted: July 2 - 2011

The most successful clubs in the mountain bike advocacy world do a lot of things really well.  They build trails, they speak for the mountain bike community, and they get more people on bikes.  The... Read More

Virginia Variety

Posted: April 24 - 2011

Judging by our record turnout last weekend, trail work is a way of life in Roanoke and Salem, Virginia. Close to 60 people attended our IMBA Trailbuilding School and helped Roanoke’s Pathfinders for... Read More

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