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A Standout Southern Mountain Bike Summit

Posted: March 20 - 2016

Main photo: Paul Stahlschmidt and Julie White accept "SORBIE" awards from IMBA-SORBA Region Director Tom Sauret for their advocacy efforts.  In the Southeastern portion of the country, the... Read More

No Sucker Punches in North Carolina

Posted: December 29 - 2015

If one were to read some magazine articles, or follow the social media chatter, a perception might emerge that IMBA hasn’t been doing enough in the mountain bike advocacy arena. Some critics suggest... Read More

Proof is in the Trails in Dothan, AL

Posted: November 15 - 2015

We’re all too familiar with the chicken or the egg scenario, which one came first? Well, in the mountain bike world this can be applied to local trails and local mountain bikers. Can a community have... Read More

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