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Paradise Royale

Lost Coast Communique

Posted: October 28 - 2011

A carrier pigeon just dropped off the latest report from IMBA Trail Specialist Joey Klein, who is continuing his multi-year trail effort to build the Paradise Royale trail at California's remote and... Read More

King Range Connector Cutting Continues

Posted: October 11 - 2011

Like Swallows and Capistrano (okay, that's in the spring but you get the idea) early fall means our colleague Joey Klein returning to the King Range! Last summer and fall's big push by Trail... Read More

Paradise Royale and Sandy Ridge Trail Video

Posted: June 21 - 2011

The Bureau of Land Management and the International Mountain Bicycling Association are partners in providing world-class trails for mountain bicyclists, and over the past decade have worked together... Read More

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