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National Park Service

New River Gorge Bike Trails Get Rave Reviews

Posted: November 2 - 2011

The fresh trails at the New River Gorge National River are getting rave reviews while at the same time helping the National Park Service (NPS) properly manage mountain bicycle use.  Several members... Read More

New River Gorge Trails Officially Open

Posted: September 15 - 2011

The first leaves are starting to float to the ground as fall approaches in Fayetteville, West Virginia.  It’s been busy and exciting year for trails in this part of the world.  After several years in... Read More

It’s Important To Be Involved

Posted: July 18 - 2011

We spent some time with Bowling Green KyMBA this past weekend and on August 31, 2011, their favorite local trail will be closed: the Sal Hollow Trail in Mammoth Cave National Park. It’s a beautiful... Read More

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