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National Mountain Bike Patrol

BMBP Training

Posted: April 18 - 2012

Last Saturday, fellow IMBA employee Rod Judd and I attended training to become patrollers for our local group, the Boulder Mountain Bike Patrol. Although I'm still too injured to ride, I can do... Read More

Sedona Patrollers Get a Few Minutes of Fame

Posted: April 5 - 2012

Martin Glinsky, patrol director at the Red Rock Mountain Bike Patrol in Sedona, recently got his group some notoriety through a couple of local publications: Sedona Monthly and the Sedona Red Rock... Read More

Patrollers Rock All Seasons

Posted: March 5 - 2012

Hans Erdman and his fellow patrollers at the Backcountry Trail Patrol in Isanti, Minnesota, don't let a little white stuff keep them from riding or patrolling. Last weekend the group pulled out some... Read More

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