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National Bike Summit

Southwest Presence at the National Bike Summit

Posted: April 3 - 2012

The southwest region was recently represented at the National Bike Summit in Washington, D.C., by volunteers from California, Utah, Nevada and Arizona. We spent two days at advocacy workshops,... Read More

Mapping Democracy

Posted: April 3 - 2012

It’s been more than a week, but I’m still thinking about my trip to the National Bike Summit in Washington, DC.  I was part of a group of advocates that converged upon the Hill to speak for cycling,... Read More

Make it Meaningful, Make it Matter, and Make it Local:

Posted: March 27 - 2012

Sometimes we get caught up in the political hullaballoo and forget to realize that our politicians, and their staffers are normal human beings too. Well, at least most of them. They too get caught up... Read More

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