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Minnesota Off-Road Cyclists

Cuyuna Lakes IMBA Ride Center Feels the Flow

Posted: October 7 - 2011

IMBA's Trail Solutions team helped put the flow into the Cuyuna Lakes IMBA Ride Center by providing mountain bike trail expertise to the designer and contractor.  The team's collective efforts... Read More

There's Gold In Them Thar Hills!

Posted: September 19 - 2011

Crosby Gold. That’s the name locals have given to the good dirt in the Cuyuna Lakes area that was harvested and transplanted to various areas to build trails in the sandier sections of the park. The... Read More

They Get It and They Get It Done

Posted: September 12 - 2011

IMBA and the Trail Care Crews encourage and try to facilitate partnerships between local mountain bike clubs and the land managers that oversee the land and parks that are homes or potential homes... Read More

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