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IMBA Trail Solutions

Mt. Shasta Ski Park Considers New Gravity Trails

Posted: May 2 - 2012

To better serve riders in California, Mt. Shasta Ski Area is considering developing a lift-accessed bike park. Trail Specialist Jason Wells recently visited the site to consult with the resort... Read More

The All-Weather Pump Track

Posted: May 1 - 2012

Pump tracks are a great way for riders to increase their skills in a low-risk environment. In most cases, however, they require regular maintenance to keep them shaped correctly and at the proper... Read More

Addition to Bonneville Shoreline Trail Planned

Posted: May 1 - 2012

Outside Salt Lake City, Utah, a new section of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail is being developed by Weber Pathways, a non-profit organization dedicated to hiking trails, mountain biking trails, and... Read More

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