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IMBA Trail Solutions

Volunteers Critical to Rockburn Skills Park's Success

Posted: May 16 - 2012

Volunteers from the Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts (MORE) have been critical in assisting Trail Solutions with the Rockburn Branch Skills Park. Not only does using volunteers reduce construction... Read More

UK Trailbuilding Displays All-Weather Techniques

Posted: May 12 - 2012

Trail Solutions works closely with trailbuilders from around the world to share techniques and practices. Recently, Trail Solutions staff visited Manchester, England, to meet with IMBA UK Chairman... Read More

Pumped on Peeps

By: Lamby
Posted: May 11 - 2012

The wooden pump track at Reimers Ranch Park in Travis County Texas is complete and open to the public. The project required a great deal of collaboration and team work to bring it to fruition, and... Read More

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