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IMBA Trail Solutions

Helpful Video Guides New Users to Trails at Nockamixon State Park

Posted: August 29 - 2012

With assistance from IMBA's Trail Solutions program, the Valley Mountain Bikers and the Philadelphia Mountain Biking Association have developed over ten miles of singletrack in the 5,300-acre... Read More

Superior Single Track lands on Minnesota's North Shore

Posted: August 22 - 2012

It is always gratifying to see some tangible results that can be correlated to the work myself and my partners have been doing over the past few years. Several years ago the Superior Cycling... Read More

Red Bud Running

Posted: August 21 - 2012

Red Bud Run is a modest high quality trout stream in the Shenandoah River basin.  Recently acquired by Virginia's Dept of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF), Trail Solutions' developed and implemented... Read More

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