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IMBA Trail Solutions

A Trail by Any Other Name Would Ride As Sweet (with Apologies to Bill Shakespeare)

Posted: September 4 - 2012

John Gardiner recently posted this article about bike-specific trails. He focuses on the new-school breed of trails that are designed and built specifically for the enjoyment of mountain bicyclists,... Read More

Trails = $ales

Posted: August 31 - 2012

Earlier this year, Trail Specialist Tammy Donahugh visited the Copper Harbor Ride Center to lead a skills clinic, participate in a photo shoot, and spend quality time with Midwest Regional Director... Read More

Trail Destination: Sandy Ridge

Posted: August 30 - 2012

Bermstyle blogger (and former Subaru IMBA Trail Care Crewer) Jason Van Horn recently traveled to Oregon and sampled the newest addtions to the Sandy Ridge trail system. Check out the good words and... Read More

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