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IMBA Trail Solutions

Give JORBA a Large Enough Lever and They Can Move the World

Posted: September 7 - 2012

How much love have you given your trails lately? The folks at the Jersey Off-Road Bicycle Association (JORBA) put forth a phenomenal effort to resurrect a historic stone bridge in Ringwood State Park... Read More

5 Weeks Until the IMBA World Summit!

Posted: September 6 - 2012

Representatives from 27 states have already signed up to attend the IMBA World Summit in Santa Fe, NM. Don’t miss the opportunity to share ideas, join the conversation and meet other IMBA members... Read More

A Trail by Any Other Name Would Ride As Sweet (with Apologies to Bill Shakespeare)

Posted: September 4 - 2012

John Gardiner recently posted this article about bike-specific trails. He focuses on the new-school breed of trails that are designed and built specifically for the enjoyment of mountain bicyclists,... Read More

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