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IMBA Australia

Australian Flow Trail Tuned and Advocates Trained

Posted: May 11 - 2015

Trail Solutions recently traveled to Australia to demonstrate the latest trail building techniques and methods. Project Manager Alex Harrington worked with local trail advocates and volunteers to... Read More

Joey Klein to Be Keynote Speaker at 2013 IMBA Australasian Summit

Posted: June 7 - 2013

IMBA Australia and Trail Solutions are pleased to announce that Joey Klein will be returning to Oz as a keynote speaker at the 2013 (inaugural) IMBA Australasian Summit in Cairns this October. Joey... Read More

Hornsby Trails Video from Down Under

Posted: January 30 - 2013

Nick Bowman, National Director of IMBA Australia, sent this video of recent MTB-specific trail development in Hornsby, New South Wales. Our friends from Down Under continue to push the sport in many... Read More

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