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Hansi Johnson

Cuyuna Country success and Challenges

Posted: July 3 - 2012

A great new article out on Cuyuna in the Lake Country Journal. Check it out.  Also, Cuyuna has had some really bad luck this season.  They have had three huge rain and wind events.  Events that would... Read More

Back in the Saddle

Posted: July 3 - 2012

Thanks to all of you that offered you support and help during the past week and a half.  Nature has been throwing us a lot of curve balls and the flooding here in my town was one of them.  Thanks to... Read More

IMBA Great Lakes Chapter Summit 2012 at Cuyuna Lakes Ride Center!

Posted: June 18 - 2012

The IMBA Great Lakes Summit was held on June 8th 2012 in Crosby, MN. We had 28 folks attend.  The Chapters that were represented were, MORC, CUYUNA LAKES, COGGS, COPPER HARBOR, CAMBA, SUPER CYCLING... Read More

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