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Copper Harbor

MORCs very own Reed Smidt on Mountain Bike Radio on why to vote for MORC, Copper Harbor and Brown County and Bell Built!

Posted: March 13 - 2013

Some great words via Reed Smidt of the Minnesota Off Road Cyclists on Mountain Bike Radio on why to vote Midwest for the Bell Built Grants!  So far we have all three midwest projects in the running... Read More

Bell Built Grants and Voting for Copper Harbor, MORC and Brown County!

Posted: March 13 - 2013

This is not about good versus evil.  Or about us versus them.  Norwegian versus Swede or even 29er versus 26er.   This is about shrugging off a wet heavy stereotype.  Like pulling off a rain drenched... Read More

Thanks to Clif Bar and Greg Maino for the $11,000 donation!

Posted: December 20 - 2012

So while working at IMBA I have often heard the word "Friendraising" tossed around versus "Fundraising".  Meaning that is most often relationships that raise money for your cause versus knocking on... Read More

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