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City of Woodbury

Sustainable Trails as Related by Trail Specialist Stephen Mullins

Posted: July 29 - 2011

Trail Specialist Stephen Mullins was recently interviewed for a piece on the new Carver Lakes trails, which he constructed for the City of Woodbury.  A video of the interview can be seen here. Read More

Carver Lake Park: New and Improved Singletrack

Posted: July 11 - 2011

Trail Solutions' work with the City of Woodbury at Carver Lake Park has come to a close.  Trail Specialist Stephen Mullins, working closely with Reed Smidt from the City's Parks and Recreation... Read More

Carving Singletrack at Carver Lake Park

Posted: June 29 - 2011

Located on the east side of the Minneapolis metro area, the City of Woodbury will soon be the proud owner of a new section of singletrack in Carver Lake Park.  For the past several weeks Trail... Read More

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