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Boggs Demo Forest Demonstrates Balance with Recreation and Extraction

Posted: April 13 - 2015

Watching as a few excited volunteers excavated soil from the pine needle blanketed hillside as we worked to construct a trail reroute, enthusiasm was high as the project vision came more into focus.... Read More

Land Trust keeps Recreation a Priority in Nevada City

Posted: April 5 - 2015

Beautiful pine forests line Highway 20 as it works its way eastward from Nevada City, a Scenic Byway running from the Sierra Foothills into the heart of the arid, rocky mountains around Lake Tahoe.... Read More

Relationsip Building is Key to Improving Access at San Joaquin Gorge

Posted: March 29 - 2015

As we made our way up the old legacy trails at the San Joaquin Gorge, it was obvious the mountain bike community utilizes this scenic and challenging trail system. Ride-arounds circumnavigate stairs... Read More

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