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Boy Scouts of America

New River Gorge Trail Construction Highlighted in Scouting Magazine

Posted: December 12 - 2011

The trails at New River Gorge continue to receive rave reveiws. The multiple partnerships that helped create the trail system, including participation by IMBA's Trail Solutions program, were recently... Read More

Trail Solutions Partnerships with Youth Core Programs

Posted: September 4 - 2011

A vital component of many trail construction projects is youth core groups.  Staffed by youths aged 16 - 22, and led by trained leaders, these individuals provide much of the muscle that results in... Read More

New River Gorge Scout-a-Thon Week 1

Posted: July 9 - 2011

The first week of trailbuilding at new River Gorge is finally underway.  Everyone is now able to see that their planning, extra hours, and 1000+ tools is helping the first round of Boy Scouts (all... Read More

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