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Boulder All Staff Meetings

Posted: September 3 - 2015

In late August, all of the IMBA Subarus convened in Boulder, Colorado for one of our all staff trainings. This time, the the context and focus differed. First, all of the staff of Trail Solutions was... Read More

Access makes the Difference in Erie, CO

Posted: August 11 - 2014

Hopping on your bike and riding to your local trail network is an obvious advantage in any hometown, in Erie, CO, the Erie Singletrack Advocates are continuing to make this a reality for the... Read More

Boulder Staff week a great success

Posted: January 21 - 2012

Man, I am wiped out.  A full week tapped into the live wire that is IMBA and its staff.  A lot of high wattage folks, electrified in their passion for off road cycling and that trails that define it... Read More

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