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Bike Parks

EaRTH Trails Moves Dirt for New Bike Park

Posted: May 27 - 2013

IMBA-affiliated trail trainers Karl Bartlett and Mark McClure recently gave an IMBA Trail Building School to a group of young adults from Devon. The EaRTH Trails group, who hosted the event, posted a... Read More

New Dirt Jumps at Trek's Headquarters

Posted: May 13 - 2013

Trek Bicycles is one of IMBA's biggest supporters so Trail Solutions was happy to assist the company with the development of a new dirt jump line at their headquarters in Waterloo, WI. Working with... Read More

The Rock is Rocking and needs your help to keep Rolling

Posted: May 10 - 2013

So we are watching history happen as we speak. The Rock Sports Complex is starting to take shape.  This will be the first full service, private Bike Park in the Midwest.  Folks in the Milwaukee area... Read More

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