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Bike-optimized gravity trails coming to Prescott, Arizona

Bike-optimized gravity trails coming to Prescott, Arizona

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By: Jali Fernando
Posted: March 24, 2022
View from Bean Peaks in Prescott, Arizona

Prescott, Arizona is home to hundreds of miles of trail that connect the city with the surrounding Prescott National Forest (PNF). The trails, coupled with an active and engaged community, have helped grow the popularity of mountain biking among riders of all ages and increased tourism to the area. The demand for more and different trails has also grown. Local riders and the City of Prescott (COP) are now looking to add a trail type not currently available in the area–bike-optimized gravity flow trails.

IMBA Chapter Prescott Mountain Bike Alliance (PMBA) and COP submitted a proposal for 17 miles of new bike-optimized gravity trails and trailhead improvements in the Bean Peaks area, near the White Spar Campground. These trails appeal to all riders by fostering progressive skill development while also providing challenges for expert riders. This network will be the first of its kind in Arizona and will be ideally situated for easy access from town.

The Forest Service has accepted the plan and has opened the proposal for public comments until April 12. Feedback will be used to inform the PNF’s decision on the project.

The proposal is the result of an IMBA Trail Accelerator Grant awarded to PMBA and COP in 2020 to study the feasibility of gravity/flow style trails. After extensive surveys and environmental considerations, IMBA Trail Solutions found that the Bean Peaks area, just three miles south of downtown Prescott, would be an ideal location for the gravity trails. The 850 feet of elevation and unique rock formations provide excellent terrain for flow trail development. The trails were professionally planned by IMBA with input from PMBA, COP, and PNF.

Your input will be valuable in getting the Bean Peaks Mountain Bike Trails on the ground. Let PNF know you support the Bean Peaks Mountain Bike Trails by sending your comments to with Bean Peaks MTB Trails in the subject line. We highly suggest making your own comments or copying and pasting these sample comments with your own edits. If you live in Arizona or have enjoyed mountain biking in Prescott, including a personal anecdote in your message will make the email even more impactful.

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"A project map of the Bean Peaks Mountain Bike Trails"
A purpose-built, single-direction climbing trail will lead to several trail hubs, each with a series of single-direction descending trails catering to various skill levels. Trails will include technical rock features, in-sloped turns, and other flow features which are not found in many of the existing Prescott trails.
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