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Tony Boone


In 25 years Tony Boone has passionately led crews in sustainably sculpting over 800 kilometers of shared-use and purpose-built trails for riders of all ages and abilities around the world. His commitment to IMBA started 19 years ago, putting bookshelves together in IMBA’s first office in Boulder, CO (1994) and presenting at IMBA’s inaugural World Summit at the Biosphere II in Oracle, AZ (1996). His trail planning and construction experience spans eight years with Boulder County Parks & Open Space, and nineteen years as an industry leader in the private sector starting three successful trail building companies. Tony has been an active member of the Professional Trail Builders Association and American Trails since 1994. His primary focus, since the summer of 2010, has been developing IMBA’s international markets and creating the next generation of kinesthetically diverse “flow-based” tracks.

Extreme Trail Building in Hong Kong

Posted: March 22 - 2012

When most of us think of Hong Kong, we assume that with 7+ million residents and so many huge skyscrapers that there would be very little open space and very few trails. Well, that is half right,... Read More

If Blogs are like fine wine, I've got a case that is finally ready to sip!

Posted: March 2 - 2012

Well I’m not sure where to start with on this inaugural blog because my head is still spinning from working with so many great folks, seeing some absolutely amazing places and learning heaps of new... Read More

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