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TCC - Jordan and Lani

Bio: Hey, Lani and Jordan here! We are IMBA's 18th TCC and are excited to see some new dirt. We come from Ketchum, ID where we both spent lots of time enjoying the outdoors, skiing peaks, playing in whitewater, and of course riding bikes. Our goal is to share our passion for the outdoors and for trails with organizations all over the country. We love to travel, play outside, try new food and we love our ice cream. We are excited to ride and visit communities all over the country. Hope we get a chance to visit yours! See you on the trail!

Creating a Bright Future for Mountain Bikers in San Fran

Posted: March 13 - 2016

Densely populated with limited public open space access, the Bay Area may not be known for its extensive mountain bike opportunities. But recently reinvigorated, local mountain bike group, San... Read More

Successful Partnerships in San Diego

Posted: February 28 - 2016

Mountain Bike organizations in larger metropolitan areas are bound with many opportunities, more so in the realm of relationships and community buy in. Our recent visit to San Diego proved just that... Read More

Relationships are the key to Success in the West Valley of Phoenix

Posted: February 14 - 2016

Despite the growing popularity and acceptance of mountain biking and mountain bike tailored trails there are still many land agencies still trying to find a way for it to fit into their management... Read More

Planning Trails for Growth in Prescott Valley, AZ

Posted: February 7 - 2016

Establishing a definitive trail plan that identifies your community’s opportunity for trail networks and interconnectivity through town is a vital step in the planning process. As population... Read More

Beautiful Landscapes allow for Great Trails in Kanab, UT

Posted: January 31 - 2016

A steady buzz of excitement was in the air as a diverse group of interested volunteers funneled into the Kanab Library. Currently in their infancy stage, the mountain bike community in Kanab, UT has... Read More

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