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Mike Van Abel


Since 2004, Mike has steered the IMBA juggernaut as its President and USA Executive Director. He does so under the auspices and leadership of IMBA's volunteer board of directors. "It's a dream job and a privilege to combine one's personal passion with that of your vocational goals.", says Mike. His professional career spans over 30 years of not-for-profit work. "It's the dedication and generosity of volunteers and contributors that daily inspire me. And that makes the tough times and days when I wonder, 'Am I making a difference?', all come into perspective." "I am most fortunate to be part of a community that is making the world a better place."

Shimano should be praised not "shamed" for their environmental efforts

Posted: September 9 - 2010

– Note: Upon learning of this advocacy campaign called “Shame on Shimano”, I felt compelled to let IMBA constituents know how unbalanced and maligned this is in its representation of one of the bike... Read More

Shaping Mountain Biking's Future - Recap of the 2010 IMBA Congress

Posted: May 20 - 2010

The IMBA Congress was convened at the 2010 IMBA World Summit in Augusta, Georgia and entirely met my expectations for advancing the conversation between local, regional and national mountain bike... Read More

IMBA the NRA and You

Posted: April 28 - 2010

Should IMBA aspire to be more like the NRA? What would that look like? The NRA is politically one of the most powerful associations in the USA. It’s a member based organization, like IMBA, with state... Read More

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