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Katherine Fuller


Katherine is IMBA's marketing manager and resident singlespeeder.


How Things Change: New Opportunities at the National Bike Summit

Posted: April 3 - 2012

Alternate post title: Holy Cow! Frank Finally Writes a Blog Post! From Frank Maguire, IMBA Mid-Atlantic Region Director: I am finally decompressing from the 2012 National Bike Summit (NBS) in... Read More

Pacific Northwest Presence at the National Bike Summit

Posted: April 3 - 2012

From Anna Laxague, IMBA Pacific Northwest Region Director (pictured above): This year's National Bike Summit was exciting for the Pacific Northwest region. The amount of passion and drive that is... Read More

Generational Differences

Posted: April 3 - 2012

(Pictured above: three generations of IMBA staff at the 2012 National Bike Summit) During lunch on the last conference day at the National Bike Summit, a young, squeaky-clean speaker and researcher... Read More

MORCA Members Meet With President Obama

Posted: March 15 - 2012

Guest post from Gary Courtright of the Monterey Off Road Cycling Association (MORCA) On Friday, March 2, I not only had the honor of attending the White House Conference on Conservation (along with... Read More

March News Updates for the Midwest

Posted: March 15 - 2012

IMBA and Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin Enter Unique Partnership All IMBA members in Wisconsin will now automatically share a joint membership in the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin (BFW). The BFW... Read More

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