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Jesse Livingston


Hi! Lori and Jesse here, aka J-Lo! We are IMBA's 18th TCC and proud to be here. We come from Springfield, Mo where we both attended Missouri State University. Our goal is to bring big personality to the Trail Care Crew reputation. We love to travel, ride and have fun, so TCC is right up our alley! Hope to see you out there on your bikes. Enjoy!

The IMBA Trail!

Posted: December 18 - 2013

This weekend we worked down in McCalla, Alabama with BUMP (Birmingham Urban Mountain Pedalers). Our visit was in Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park working on a new trail addition! Several... Read More

2nd Time Around!

Posted: December 9 - 2013

This weekend’s visit was the first, and only, time we get to work in the same place twice on our Trail Care Crew Tour. In 2012, Midlands SORBA won the USA Cycling Grant that allowed them an automatic... Read More

Busy Weekend in Columbus!

Posted: November 24 - 2013

This weekend was a big one and we were busy, busy, busy. Our Trail Care Crew visit was hosted by Chattahoochee Valley Area SORBA in Columbus Georgia and boy was it a hectic line up. Thursday... Read More

A Big Weekend for Bowling Green!

Posted: November 12 - 2013

Southwest KyMBA (Kentucky Mountain Bike Association) hosted us this weekend over in Bowling Green, KY. Our task for the weekend was to help KyMBA members and volunteers create an alternate line on... Read More

More Riding in the Midwest!

Posted: November 6 - 2013

Louisville, Kentucky is about to move and shake the Midwest with a high level of new trails, a new bike park, and community connectivity. It is a great time to be a mountain biker in this region! Our... Read More

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