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Hansi Johnson


I am IMBA's Midwest Regional Director.  I currently live in Duluth, MN but my region reaches across Minnesota, Wisconsin, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Iowa and Illinois.  Feel free to contact me with noteworthy stories on mountain bike trails, clubs and advocacy, or if need IMBA's support!

KORC. Killing it in the Kinnikinnik valley!

Posted: September 26 - 2011

I had the pleasure of shadowing Jake and Jenny of the Trail Care Crew this weekend in River Falls, WI.  I have been in touch with KORC for a while but have not had the chance to ride the trails in... Read More

Why the Middleton Bike Park (Middleton, WI) could be the future of WI off road cycling...

Posted: August 12 - 2011

I deal with a lot of opportunities in my job.  However, if I see 50 possible projects, I see only 1% that have the true potential to change communities, lives and influence economies.  I saw one of... Read More

Andy, Frank and Jens all kicking it on mountain bikes at Trek World 2011

Posted: August 12 - 2011

On Monday night at least 500 folks lined up and waited in a huge line to get an autograph from Cancellara, the Schlecks and Jens Voigt.  Tuesday, myself and about 20 other mountain bikers got to ride... Read More

Trek Trails: Trek World 2011

Posted: August 12 - 2011

Duane and the boys just keep making this place better and better! Read More

Gary Fishers best three outfits at Trek World 2011

Posted: August 12 - 2011

I had to post these three...  the non cropped versions can be seen here. Read More

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