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Hansi Johnson


I am IMBA's Midwest Regional Director.  I currently live in Duluth, MN but my region reaches across Minnesota, Wisconsin, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Iowa and Illinois.  Feel free to contact me with noteworthy stories on mountain bike trails, clubs and advocacy, or if need IMBA's support!

Great Lakes Mountain Bicycling Summit: May 27th-29th

Posted: April 18 - 2011

Believe it or not, spring has come to the Midwest Region.  Winter just thinks it still has some time left...In any case there is going to be a really cool Advocacy Summit slash Riding Festival in the... Read More

Mud season

Posted: April 14 - 2011

It looks tempting.  Snow is gone.  That ribbon of dirt, stretching endlessly through the open forest.  But guess what, its mud.  Mud it is.  So please, please try and be patient and let it dry out.  ... Read More

Wheel and Sprocket Sale, Milwaukee Wisconsin

Posted: April 11 - 2011

Well the season has started.  In my world the annual Wheel and Sprocket Sale in Milwaukee, WI kicks off the summer season.  I did the long drive south and met and worked with the folks from METRO and... Read More

WORBA's Future to be discussed at the Wisconsin Bicycle Federations State Summit April 19th in Madison, WI.

Posted: April 7 - 2011

If you are a WORBA member or a WORBA Club please attend the Wisconsin Bicycle Federations State Summit in Madison, WI on April 19th.  The future of WORBA will quite literally be discussed and your... Read More

A seat at the table (with big maps!)

Posted: March 30 - 2011

Does your community have a master plan for its parks and trails?  Check.  They may be doing it as you speak, or they may be thinking of updating an older version of their plan.  Get involved, get a... Read More

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