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Pacific Northwest IMBA Summit a HUGE Success!

This guest post comes to us from Brian Kilpatrick, President of Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance - West Sound chapter. He attended the 2013 Pacific Northwest IMBA Summit in Oakridge, OR, and had this to say about the experience:

From the moment we arrived in Oakridge to the moment we left town, our trip was filled with awesomeness! We arrived thursday night and unloaded our gear at the Oakridge motel, which was conveniently located next to the IMBA summit headquarters at the Church of the Nazarene. After we unloaded our stuff, we headed over to Public House and ran into Ben Beamer, who we instantly recognized because we've watched Pedal Driven a million times! Ben would ironically be everywhere we turned over the weekend, either cooking our burgers, fixing our pool table, giving a talk about what an IMBA Ride Center is all about, and just being an amazing representative of the Greater Oakridge Area Trail Stewards (GOATS). After a lively evening chatting with the locals, we hit the hay excited about what the IMBA Summit had in store for us.

Friday morning we headed over to the church basement and were greeted with a coffee, free schwag and about 100+ trail lovers from all over the northwest. After a chat with some of our old friends, we settled in among folks from all corners of the trails scene, including land managers, trail builders, club leaders and even trail laywers!

The sessions were super-informative and the discussions after were equally as insightful. We got to share our success of having the IMBA Trail Care Crew out to Port Gamble, Wash., and hear about other club's challenges and triumphs.

After a great lunch both days, we were shuttled up into the Oakridge mountains by Oregon Adventures for some truly thrilling and unique singletrack goodness. The towering Oakridge forests gave way to an underlying belly of beautiful trees bursting with brilliant fall colors.

Friday evening, we were treated to a fantastic dinner at the Public House and, on Saturday, to the thickest hamburger I've ever had at Oregon Adventures command central. On Saturday, Ninkasi had six different beers on tap for us, which really shows how dedicated they are to mountain biking.

Sunday morning it was time to leave and hit the Lion Mountain Bakery once more for a killer breakfast burrito and some locally-roasted coffee. We sat and contemplated all the connections and knowledge we had gained on the trip and felt recharged and ready continue our work back home.

Thanks Oakridge! Thanks IMBA! We can't wait to see you again!

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