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100 Miles of Multi-Use Trail Planned for Mount Shasta, CA

This trail planning update comes to us from the Mount Shasha Mountain Bike Association (MSMBA) in northern California.

This past year marks significant progress in MSMBA’s efforts to transform the Mount Shasta area into a legitimate cycling destination in partnership with Bike Shasta. At the forefront of this movement, the IMBA Chapter Program and the services of IMBA Trail Solutions continue to drive the community coordination, master planning, fundraising, and education needed to achieve our goal of building a world-class multi-use trail system.

Trail Solutions' work on MSMBA's "Mount Shasta Master Trails Plan" has been especially effective in helping us engage decision makers and donors in an ambitious vision. Nothing draws people in like a colorful map of more than 100 miles of potential new singletrack! Moreover, Trail Solutions outlined in its report all the information our community needs to understand the process of bringing stakeholders together to achieve something big.

As we disseminate the plan, our partners clearly understand the potential benefits to our small, rural town: health, environment, community, outdoor recreation, and local economy. The report makes it abundantly clear to everyone that reads it that this is a good idea. Even better, they all want to be a part of it.

Clearly, we need all of our partners to keep supporting us. The U.S. Forest Service is now helping MSMBA with permitting; timber companies like Roseburg are stepping up to provide access; and community businesses like Owens Health Care are kicking in grant funding (thank you, Owens!). Now we need our city and county officials to start opening doors for us.

Paul Hawkens wrote, "Good resource management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them." This is exactly what IMBA has done for us.


MSMBA and Bike Shasta are embarking in 2014 on an ambitious campaign to build over 100 miles of world-class, multi-use trails in the greater Mount Shasta Area that are professionally-designed and sustainable. MSMBA hopes that the 10-year plan for multi-purpose trails will attract cycling tourists by the thousands, contribute millions of dollars to local economies and inspire better health and quality of living through access to world-class outdoor recreation for cyclists at all levels.

They have identified five areas to work around, which you can check out here.


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