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Another Community Bike Park Planned for the Great Lakes Region

Trail Solutions recently visited Troy, Ohio to initiate the conceptual design phase of a new community bike park. Project Manager Alex Harrington and Community Trails Liason Chris Orr worked several days in Troy speaking with community leaders, park users and surveying sites to assess opportunities for the development of a community bike park.

The Trail Solutions team spent the majority of their time investigating Duke Park, which is a multipurpose park that hosts a wide variety of recreational amenities. An undeveloped parcel of land adjacent to Duke Park offers opportunities for integration of bicycle-specific trails into an established recreational space. This will allow visitors to pursue their chosen activity, whether it's ball-sports or bicycles, all within one positive and active atmosphere. The high level of enthusiasm expressed by community leaders and park users during the site visit is a very positive sign that this community bike park development project will succeed.

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