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Major Trail Planning Effort Underway In Engadin Valley, Switzerland

The Engadin Valley of Switzerland is already host to some fantastic riding opportunities. But a recent project carried out by Shane Wilson of IMBA Trail Solutions will help guide the development of a cohesive network of destination quality mountain bike trails. The area has become known for iconic rides including the Corviglia Flow Trail, Bernina Rail Trail and Suvretta Pass Trail. The trail plan will assist with developing new routes, optimizing existing trails, and creating amazing ride experiences for visitors as well as the local communities.

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Trail Building School in the Netherlands

The penultimate TBS in Europe for 2013 was held in Landgraaf, Netherlands, Trail Solutions Project Manager Shane Wilson and Trail Specialist Mark McClure worked with 25 volunteers who had travelled from across the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany to take part in the two-day school.

Yakima and the NTFU funded the event, which was held at Sport and Leisure Park, Landgraaf. Hosting the school were Discovery Mountain Bike Club, one of Europe's oldest IMBA affiliated clubs. Many members fondly recalled a trail building schools that IMBA held with the group in the late 1990's.

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Trail Planning in Seelisberg, Switzerland

IMBA Trail Solutions Project Manager Shane Wilson and Trail Specialist Mark McClure spent four days planning a new trail near Seelisberg, Switzerland.

Working in partnership with Allegra Tourismus, the Canton of Uri and local rider Tino Tramonti, they spent four days in the field assessing terrain and designing the route for a new trail between the villages of Seelisberg and Bauen.

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Trail Building School: Oslo, Norway

IMBA Trail Solutions staff Shane Wilson and Mark McClure travelled to the city of Oslo, Norway to deliver a trail building school to members of NOTS (Norsk Organisajon for TerrengSykilng).

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Trail Solutions Visits Pontresina Pump Track

Continuing their work in Europe Shane Wilson and Mark McClure from IMBA's Trail Solutions program were able to visit a new pump track facility in Pontresina, Switzerland.

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Bikeparkitect Factory Tour

While traveling to a recent Trail Building School, IMBA Trail Solutions Mark McClure and Shane Wilson were invited to visit the Bikeparkitect HQ in Vsetin, Czech Republic. Arriving in Vsetin we were met by Eric Burgon the owner of Bikeparkitect.

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Trail Building School In Czech Republic Achieves Record Attendance

IMBA Trail Solutions continued its work in Europe by delivering a Trail Building School in conjunction with CEMBA (Czech Mountain Bike Association) at the Rychlebské Stezky Trail Center near Cerna Voda, Czech Republic.

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New Trails Under Construction Near Corvallis, Oregon

The Bureau of Land Management's Alsea Falls Recreation Site, which lies just under an hour west of Corvallis, Oregon, will soon sport a shiny, new, mountain bike trail!

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Successful Trail Building School near Manchester, UK

IMBA Trail Solutions continues to educate mountain bikers in Europe with the latest trail building school held at Farmer Johns Mountain Bike Park near Manchester, England. Trail Specialist Mark McClure joined 15 members of the Saddleworth Trails Group, Mandale Park BMX track and FJMTB to deliver the two day school.

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Trail conflict? Do what Davos does: design a new trail.

The grassy meadows that line the Choerbschhorn Trail near Davos, Switzerland are important grazing areas for the cows that make wonderful cheeses for us all to enjoy. The current trail bisects this land and is causing considerable damage because it violates the fundamental rules of sustainable trail design. The current route follows the “fall line”, this allows water to accelerate and create significant erosion. This erosion creates conditions that prevent trail users from enjoying the trail. This has lead to conflict among trail users and farmers.

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