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Sun Valley Trails Highlighted in Video

Over the past several years Trail Solutions has worked with the fabled Sun Valley Resort to create a range of lift-accessed trails on Bald Mountain. Appealing to a range of riders, from enthusiasts to families, these trails are fast becoming an integral part of the summertime alpine experience as shown in this promotional video.

Photo by Tal Roberts.

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Community Effort Brings Spice to Alsea Falls Trails

One mile of trail.

35 tons of rock.

10 days.

10 Northwest Youth Corps workers.

The stats don’t lie but the riding tells the real tale. When the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and IMBA’s Trail Solutions program started designing a new trail at the Alsea Falls Recreation Area, they consulted with IMBA chapter Team Dirt on what experiences were needed to compliment the growing supply of trails. The answer, not surprisingly, was more rock.

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Sacramento River Redevelopment Breathes Life into New Bike Park

Easy To Get To By Bike, Train, or Boat Starting August 1, 2015

In California’s state capital, there’s a new bike park about to open thanks to the vision and forward thinking of the people at Nehemiah Corporation, who are working on Township Nine—a centrally-located, easily accessible, mixed-use development.

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New Jump Line Being Built in Marin County

In the mountain biking world, Marin County is known for two things: giving birth to the sport and being at the heart of a contenous fight to exclude riders from trails. Marin County Parks is working to fix this inequity, though, and with the help of local mountain bikers is dilligently developing a world-class riding facility with the Stafford Lake Bike Park.

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Eric Porter Visits Corner Canyon

Eric Porter (Diamondback) has great trails literally in his backyard but not far down the road from his house is Corner Canyon in Draper, Utah. Trail Specialst Joey Klein has been laboring for years on the Rush Trail with the help of the City of Draper, volunteers, and other IMBA staff. Eric came to sample the fruits of this collective labor and helped display how the trail appeals to a wide range of skills.

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Trail Work at Corner Canyon Brings Out the Flow

Trail Specialist Joey Klein returned to Corner Canyon in Draper, UT, to continue refining the alignment and features of this popular multi-use trail network in the  SLC metro area. While many Trail Solutions staff have worked on the project with Joey this time it was Trail Solutions' newest addition, Tyson Swasey, who was given the opportunity to make his mark. With Joey in the cab of the machine and Tyson leading the hand crews the TS team tried to stay cool when the high temps forced innovative field solutions.

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Dual Slalom Course Comes to Life at Stafford Lake Bike Park in Marin County, CA

IMBA Trail Solutions, working with FlowRide, is busy scuplting a new dual slalom course at Stafford Lake Bike Park in Marin County. The track will be the newest addition to the park and the team is moving and shaping dirt at a wicked pace. The park opens Aug. 22, 2015.

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Eric Porter Visits Anniston, Alabama's, Coldwater Mountain Trails

Last month, pro mountain bikers Eric Porter and Cody Kelly headed to Anniston, Alabama, for a five-day trip to check out the trails that earned the area IMBA’s bronze Ride Center status. Under the watchful lens of Justin Olsen, the duo sessioned the trails at Coldwater Mountain and enjoyed the rider-friendly atmosphere in town. The video will be released soon so check back for updates.


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Prescott, Arizona: Take The Long Way Around

Starting soon after Sea Otter and the Whiskey Off Road, a Project Manager from IMBA Trail Solutions headed to Arizona to help close the loop on the 54-mile Prescott Circle Trail that routes right around the city by building a 2.5-mile connector.

“You know how towns have their letter up on the hillsides?” said Patrick Kell, southwest regional director for IMBA. “This final section will be right underneath the letter P for Prescott on Badger Mountain to the east of downtown.”

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Guest Blog: How IMBA Makes My Trail Rides Better

Guest blogger Kristen Gross is a Canadian residing in California, where she writes, instructs other riders, races and generally lives the two-wheeled life.

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