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Turning Trails Inside Out

This story originally appeared in the summer 2015 issue of IMBA Trail News. 

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Texas Summit a Success

Photo: IMBA South Central Region Director Steve Schneider leads a discussion at the Texas Mountain Bike Summit. 

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Chapter Leader Paul Stahlschmidt on Boosting Membership

Image: Events can be effective for recruiting new members. 

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Indiana Chapter NITRO is Going Off

IMBA's chapters—currently 205 strong and counting—are the engines that keep mountain biking moving forward. Each has its unique strengths and challenges, their own identities and ways of doing things. 

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A Standout Southern Mountain Bike Summit

Main photo: Paul Stahlschmidt and Julie White accept "SORBIE" awards from IMBA-SORBA Region Director Tom Sauret for their advocacy efforts. 

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Beyond Shared-Use Trails

Photo: The bike-optimized trails of Sandy Ridge, Oregon. Image by Leslie Kehmeier.

The risks and rewards that mountain biking offers have much in common with many outdoor sports, such as climbing, surfing and skiing. But there is a crucial difference with mountain biking. Understanding this is key to grasping some of the struggles that mountain bikers face—and the solutions that are emerging.  

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IMBA and the Sustainable Trails Coalition in the News

In the outdoor sports world, Outside magazine, and its online presence Outside Online, is about as big as it gets for media coverage. Combine that massive audience with the always-controversial topic of mountain biking and Wilderness and a rocket-fueled erruption occurs. 

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Dirty Movies and IMBA

I just watched an online video, called The Rise of Straightline, and I have to admit that I liked it. It made made me laugh, in a "this is so wrong it almost feels right" way.

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A Stinging Loss in Idaho

This was supposed to be a happy week at IMBA, the announcement of the 2015 Epics and Ride Centers. The announcement was posted on schedule, but unfortunately the good news has been tempered by a stinging loss—just days ago, the U.S. Senate approved a bill creating new Wilderness in Idaho’s Boulder-White Clouds and passed it along to the president to be signed into law.

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Guest Blog: Of Rain, Racing and Making a Tough Call

Many thanks to Barak Naggan Photography and Jay Ruckert Photography for the use of their images. Main image by Jay Ruckert Photography. 

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