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Go Take a Hike

A kerfuffle broke out this week when the American Hiking Society posted an online petition urging the National Park Service and U.S. Forest Service to "protect the hiking experience on National Scenic Trails and sections of these trails that were built to be used only by hikers."

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Rocky Mountain Highs (and Lows) at the Silver Rush 50 MTB

Last weekend, IMBA communications director Mark Eller joined development director Rich Cook and many other members of the IMBA family to race the Silver Rush 50 MTB event in Leadville, Colorado. The Silver Rush is part of the Leadville 100 Qualifier Series.

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A cyclist's guide to getting hit by a truck

Photo: Author Mark Eller, IMBA's communication director, getting treated at the scene of his road biking accident.

First, I'm under no illusion that getting hit by a pickup truck while riding my bicycle has made me an expert on traffic safety. I've had close calls with cars before, but this is the first time I've been walloped. Maybe a bit of reflection will reveal a few insights for both cyclists and motorists.

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Advanced Trail Building: Introducing the 'Switchberm'

Joey Klein is a long-time member of IMBA's trail building team. In this entry he gives an overview of an advanced construction technique — meet the "switchberm."

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Reaching out to U.S. Military Families for Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day

Before joining the Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew, Jesse Livingston served with the U.S. Marine Corps as a Hospital Corpsman in Iraq.

Watch a short video where he helps spread the word about the 2012 IMBA Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day event, and the emphasis we are putting on reaching out to U.S. military families.

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Confessions of a Strava Addict

After reading some recent online discussions about (here and here), I'm feeling compelled to fess up — I fear becoming a Strava addict myself.

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Trail Building Underway at Big Bend National Park

IMBA, working alongside staff from Big Bend National Park (TX), has started designing a new shared-use trail at the park, near the Panther Junction Visitor Center. The build will continue for several months — no mountain biking or other uses are allowed until construction is complete.

Joey Klein, a veteran IMBA Trail Specialst, was on site last week. He sent the following report and photos:

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National Bike Summit Update #3: NPS Director Talks About Bicycling

PHOTO: NPS Director Jonathan Jarvis chats with IMBA's Ashley Korenblat, Mike Van Abel and Jenn Dice.

Director of the National Park Service (NPS) Jonathan Jarvis addressed the National Bike Summit Wednesday morning, thanking attendees for their participation and emphasizing that the NPS is working toward being an improved partner with cycling advocates, including IMBA, in the future.

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National Bike Summit Update #2: Mark McKinnon’s Keynote Address

You might think that a longtime political strategist who has worked for several presidential campaigns might be an odd choice for a keynote speaker at a gathering of nearly 900 cycling advocates. But his opening line summed it up:

“Normally I am speaking to hacks, policy wonks and political operatives. But tonight I get to speak to my people. This is great!”

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National Bike Summit Update #1: Game On

The 2012 National Bike Summit (NBS) is underway in Washington, D.C. As a “carbon-level” sponsor of the annual event, IMBA sent 16 staff to support club and chapter representatives from around the country, and to strengthen IMBA's relationships with other cycling groups.

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