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Dirty Movies and IMBA

I just watched an online video, called The Rise of Straightline, and I have to admit that I liked it. It made made me laugh, in a "this is so wrong it almost feels right" way.

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A Stinging Loss in Idaho

This was supposed to be a happy week at IMBA, the announcement of the 2015 Epics and Ride Centers. The announcement was posted on schedule, but unfortunately the good news has been tempered by a stinging loss—just days ago, the U.S. Senate approved a bill creating new Wilderness in Idaho’s Boulder-White Clouds and passed it along to the president to be signed into law.

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Guest Blog: Of Rain, Racing and Making a Tough Call

Many thanks to Barak Naggan Photography and Jay Ruckert Photography for the use of their images. Main image by Jay Ruckert Photography. 

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To Flow or Not to Flow?

Photo: In Santa Fe, New Mexico, the Hustle and Flow trail offers a gravity-based experience that's accessible to riders with beginner/intermediate skill sets. Or, if you're an accomplished jumper like 16-year-old Teddy Jaramillo, you can air it out on the tabletops.

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Searching for Flow

Photo: The author scans waves in Kauai, looking for a flow opportunity on a very big surfboard.

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5 Common Misperceptions About IMBA

Have you encountered a MTBer who refuses to support or join IMBA, or their local IMBA chapter, because of mistaken assumptions about how we operate? Here are five common misunderstandings and some related information to help clear up the confusion.

1.) Sanitizes Trails

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Five Things I’ve Learned From Mountain Bike Forums

For each and every topic that humans have an interest in, from astrology to zombies, there is an online discussion forum. In mountain biking they range from locally based boards that focus on particular riding areas to expansive discussions with participants joining from every corner of the globe.

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Partnering With Motorized Users

Photo: Dr. Jeremy Wimpey, of Applied Trails Research, rides a dirt bike to explore the terrain near Caliente, NV, for mountain bike trail development possibilities while working with IMBA's Trail Solutions staff. Photo by Joey Klein.

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How to Stop Mountain Biking From Eating Itself

Photo: Alison Littlefield and Ryan Littlefield mountain biking on a trail with Mount Timpanogos in the background in Provo Canyon, Utah. Courtesy Scott Markewitz Photography.

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Advanced Trail Building School in Arkansas

IMBA Trail Solutions team of Alex Harrington and Jesse Livingston recently visited Mt. Kessler, near Fayetteville, Arkansas, to teach advanced trail building techniques October 24-26th. Chapters from across IMBA's South Central Region were on hand, with the Ozark Off-Road Cyclists (OORC) and Region Director Steve Schneider serving as hosts.

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