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Dubuque, Iowa: Go pro from the get-go

The paradigm for the local mountain bike club generally follows a time-honored tradition. Mountain bikers turn diggers turn advocates when they get together over beverages and BBQs and decide to collaborate on asking for and building more trails. In many locations, particularly those with very large volunteer corps to call on, that process works. 

But is it the only way? 

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Caliente, Nevada: Building a destination trail system from scratch

How do you get a new trail system on the ground? Sometimes, you just pick up the phone and ask for it. While it’s not quite that simple, magic can happen when local vision meets good land manager relationships and national-level strength.

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California mountain bikers descend on the state capitol

Sometimes, mountain bikers have to trade their shorts for suits to make significant progress. It’s all part of the process to get more trails on the ground, care for the trails we have and protect our valuable public lands.

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Big dreams and backyard trails: Louisville, Kentucky takes a big step toward its 100-mile singletrack vision

Inspiration comes in many forms ... In Louisville, Kentucky, there is a plan to build a 100-mile paved path that encircles the city and links many of its parks. The “Louisville Loop” is currently about 50 percent complete and will help residents, among other things, access trails and open space by bike from their homes.

When the paved loop was proposed, the local IMBA chapter, KyMBA Louisville, asked the obvious question:

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Chapter and DH Race Partner for Trails

The Berks Area Mountain Bike Association (BAMBA), an IMBA chapter in Berks County, PA, partnered this year with Hyline Productions, the promoters of the Duryea Downhill race. The 12-year-old event, which took place on May 3 in Reading, PA, has the largest attendance of any DH race in America. Two-hundred racers and 2,000 spectators came out this year.

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Capturing the Mountain Bike Trail Experience: IMBA Educating Land Managers on What Makes Great Rides

Photos by Katherine Fuller. Thanks to Shimano for sponsoring this land manager training event.

More than any other outdoor recreation group, mountain bikers are interested in the experience of a trail itself. How does it move, feel, undulate, meander, twist, turn and transition? Is it a technical puzzle or a smooth, fast ride? Mountain bikers are also increasingly interested in the impacts of their trails. They want fun singletrack that is also sustainable and, largely, they are building and maintaining just that.

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IMBA Chapter Uses Take a Kid MTBing Day to Provide Positive Atmosphere for Kids

This letter was originally published in the Steamboat Springs newspaper. Thanks to Wendy Tucciarone of Routt County Riders for sharing this story.

Partners in Routt County would like to thank Routt County Riders, Steamboat Bike Town and Steamboat Ski and Bike Kare for sharing their passion for pedaling with 11 Routt County youths, many of whom are waiting for mentors.

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Your MTB News for July

IMBA World Summit: One Month Left to Register and Ride in Steamboat Springs

The world’s largest gathering of mountain bike advocates is set for August 20-23 in Steamboat Springs, CO, a bronze-level IMBA Ride Center. The only thing better than the educational and networking opportunities is the riding. Many of Steamboat’s best trails have now been mapped and photographed on MTB Project. Check out the 190 miles of world-class riding that await you! And don’t worry about bringing wheels because seven bike companies will be there with demo fleets.

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