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Morgan and Steve Lommele's blog

Welcome to Grand Rapids

From our new Trail Care Crew, Lori Reed and Jesse Livingston...

Grand Rapids, Minnesota was the perfect location to dive head first into life on the road as a Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew. We're working with TCC veterans, Steve and Morgan Lommele, and trying to absorb as much information from them as possible before they return to Colorado.

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Destination: Bellaire

An hour north of Traverse City, Michigan, there’s a place where people go to enjoy long summer days on some of the clearest lakes in the country. The lakes of Bellaire, Michigan have been a destination for at least a half-century. But, in addition to Shorts Brewing Company, there’s a new reason to visit Bellaire.

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Rock Stars

Rocky may have been from Philly, but if you want rocky trails; look no further than State College, Pennsylvania. State College is home to the Nittany Mountain Biking Association and they have some of the more technically challenging and sustainable trails we’ve ridden.

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The Renegade Way

We always say, “don’t let ease of trail construction dictate trail design.” Often, that’s a lot easier said than done. For the Renegades Mountain Bike Club in Wawarsing, NY they’re all about building the trails they want, regardless of how hard it is. Maybe that’s why they call themselves the Renegades.

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Hometown Singletrack

Where's your favorite place to ride? As Trail Care Crews, it's a question we get just about every weekend. While we have our top ten list of world class mountain bike destinations, our answer invariably includes our hometown trails -- the trails out our back door.

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Trail Care Crew Goes to DC

In almost 80 Trail Care Crew visits of our own, we have worked directly with the National Park Service twice. There are currently limited mountain biking opportunities in National Park Service lands, and with your help, that can change.

We were lucky enough to make a bit of progress toward gaining bicycle access in National Parks this weekend at Fort Dupont (part of the Civil War Defenses of Washington). We drove away from the park leaving a bit more trail on the ground, but progress is slow.

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Local Advocate Builds Trail, People Ride It

Jeff Dean’s first visit to the Lower Shore Branch YMCA in Pocomoke, Maryland sparked an idea: Wouldn’t it be great to have some fun trails to ride on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. So, like any model mountain bike advocate, he contacted the land manager to share his new idea.

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Role Models

Even though we’re traveling teachers, it’s rare that we work with a bicycling advocacy organization that doesn’t teach us something. Every organization - big or small, young or old - has creative and innovative ideas. We strive to incorporate this knowledge into our presentations and workshops. The Trail Care Crew programs end up being an amalgamation of success stories and lessons learned from advocacy organizations around the country.

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Berm, Baby, Berm

Our latest Trail Care Crew visit brought us to Greensboro, NC, home to about 40+ miles of singletrack, a strong mountain biking organization and a new berm.

We’ve been building a lot more berms lately with our volunteer groups. They are relatively easy to build, rewarding, fun to ride, compatible with multi-use trail systems, and a good solution for getting from the bottom to the top of a hill that’s no steeper than around 30%.

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Volunteer-Built Magic

The Moore’s Springs Trails (outside of Winston-Salem, NC) were recently named #9 trail system in North Carolina by For a state that has the best riding east of the Mississippi (our opinions are our own and do not necessarily represent those of IMBA), this is big.

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