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Prescott, AZ. A Singletrack Destination!

Prescott Mountain Bike Alliance, a community of mountain bikers with an exceptionally strong presence, currently is in the process of completing a 48 mile interconnected trail encompassing the town of Prescott – The Prescott Circle Trail. Continued volunteer involvement, top level strategic planning, and a few key individuals have played a significant role in putting Prescott on the map as a singletrack destination. It is always an enlightening experience for us to visit places like Prescott, so that we can pass on success stories.

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Organization Brings IMBA to the forefront of Trail Improvement and Development in Wickenburg

It’s not often the mountain bike crowd is viewed as the poster child for organization, but this past weekend in Wickenburg, AZ. it was this image that promoted a visit to help develop and organize trail access in the area. In partnership with the Wickenburg Conservation Foundation, the BLM, and local trail users, IMBA was welcomed with open arms and excited ears. Our weekend goal was focused around educating volunteers on sustainable trail building in an area littered with historic trails and extensive erosion issues. Our Trailbuilding School was bound to be a success.

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Improving Quality of Life and Creating a Trails Destination in Kingman, AZ

What makes a town a great place for local residents and a destination too? This is a question that we are asked each and every weekend as we visit communities looking to improve quality of life and tourism traffic through trails. Creating a destination is not the focus of all of our visits, but it is always discussed for one reason or another as it helps legitimize trail infrastructure and help create funding mechanisms to finance continued singletrack improvements.

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Bringing in the Kids on Education and Advocacy in Maui

As more and more communities throughout the country hire professional trail builders, new bike optimized trails are becoming more and more common. Riders have access to more variety, greater trail experiences, which in turn opens up the sport to a broader demographic.  Adults and kids alike find these trails both welcoming and challenging because of their purpose built construction.

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Island Life has its Perks on Oahu

Living on an island has many perks: amazing views abounded by both mountains and oceans, diverse ecosystems precipitated by wet coastal weather, and an amazing connection among community members around the island. These many great things often times trump the less-glorious fact that you are extremely limited with the land, especially when it comes to open space.

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Mountain Bikers and Conservationists Coming Together in San Diego

When the time comes to get involved, stepping up and showing up is what will continually help your cause. In San Diego, CA. that idea continues to ring true as the SDMBA (San Diego Mountain Bike Association) builds relationships by always finding a seat at the table. With dedication and organization, SDMBA has strengthened and developed amazing relationships with land managers, conservation groups, and private landowners in the San Diego area.

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Community is Key to the Successful Trails in SLO

In San Luis Obispo, years of relationship building and positive growth within the trails community have allowed key trail users to be a big part of the trail development discussion. This model, one we accentuate during so many conversations, is built around cooperation and a mutual understanding between user groups. But we had never seen it as abundant and lucrative as it is in SLO.

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Military history and Recreation Combine for Great Trails in Monterey

As we made our way through the eroded fall line trail, just above Comanche’s grave, we were enlightened about the horse’s historical significance as we bobbed an weaved through the encroaching poison oak. Apparently, the warhorse survived many battle wounds during his time carrying around an army captain fighting many important battles in the late 1800’s. The grave, which sits in a network of trails at Fort Ord, National Monument in Monterey, CA, is a popular attraction for equestrians and tourists alike. The problem though is that the gravesite sits just below a heavily used trail.

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Conservation and Recreation bring assets to Auburn, CA

Building relationships and developing a community following is a critical point in mountain bike advocacy. We emphasis the importance of building these relationships through having a diverse organization of bike and trail enthusiasts and how much success this can bring. In Auburn, CA, FATRAC (Folsom-Auburn Trail Riders Action Coalition) has developed some great momentum in Central California with many years focused around these ideals. With an area filled with development, vineyards, and orchards, public trail access is of the utmost importance.

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Machined Progress in Reno

We have all heard about the benefits of mechanized trail building. It’s an efficient way to get quality trail on the ground while allowing local volunteer organizations to work on developing their community education and integration. But the costs of trail building machines are exuberant especially for small organizations with little more than a few dollars in their bank accounts, funds many of the organizations have fought tooth and nail to raise in the first place.

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