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Planning Trails for Growth in Prescott Valley, AZ

Establishing a definitive trail plan that identifies your community’s opportunity for trail networks and interconnectivity through town is a vital step in the planning process. As population continues to boom in certain parts of the country, development is taking place at an alarming rate. Approaching community leaders with an idea of how trails can benefit the area is not only an excellent way to show the value of trails, but also to get community buy in.

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Beautiful Landscapes allow for Great Trails in Kanab, UT

A steady buzz of excitement was in the air as a diverse group of interested volunteers funneled into the Kanab Library. Currently in their infancy stage, the mountain bike community in Kanab, UT has already made some exciting strides toward creating a scenic, well-organized trail system. With the help of IMBA Trail Solutions' Joey Klein, 17 miles of sustainable yet exciting trails have been designed just above the quaint southwestern town. This massive initial step in the planning process has helped create a significant interest from community trail users of all types.

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New Trails at Hernando Point Recreation Point

Developing partnerships with local land managers is arguably the most critical step in ensuring successful trail development.

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Great Things Ahead in Jonesboro, AR

As one of the more progressive states for trail development, Arkansas is hard at work creating quality trail experiences for residents and tourists alike. Our recent visit to Jonesboro, AR brought many like minded trail advocates and land managers in hopes of creating more organization and focus on proper trail development in the eastern part of Arkansas. Though still only in their infancy, local mountain bike organization NEATO (North Eastern Arkansas Trails Organization), has some excellent community buy in and land management interest.

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Proof is in the Trails in Dothan, AL

We’re all too familiar with the chicken or the egg scenario, which one came first? Well, in the mountain bike world this can be applied to local trails and local mountain bikers. Can a community have an organized group of mountain bikers without trails or does there have to be trails? This is a dichotomy we faced on a recent visit to Dothan, AL, where the local SORBA chapter, Southeast Alabama Mountain Bikers, hopes to build a community of riders with the capacity to improve access to and stewardship of local trail systems.

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Professional Trails make Lasting Relationships in Athens, GA

A new community trail can add serious value to local advocacy. In Athens, GA a recent trail at Trail Creek Park right in the heart of town. SORBA-Athens has been hard at work with County Land Managers to get a new mountain bike trail to help provide some quality access for local riders. Dubbed “Widespread and Panic” for popular band Widespread Panic who hailed from Athens, the machine built trail features a bike optimized flavor with features to keep riders of all ability levels grinning from ear to ear.

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Getting More People Outside with Trails in Elizabethtown, NC

Trails can be a great way to help improve local economies by providing an asset to draw tourism and residents to town. But trails can also help get local residents outside exercising, enjoying the natural world, and living a healthier lifestyle. Elizabethtown, NC is hoping to offer locals the opportunity to choose an active outdoor recreation if it’s something that interests them.

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Urban Trails create buzz in Alexandria, Virginia thanks to MORE

No matter where you may live in the country, having some trail network right in your backyard makes riding not only more accessible, but also adds to the level of ownership one has for the trails. This ideal is the basis for many great partnerships in the Washington D.C. area mainly through the Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts (MORE). MORE has done an amazing job working closely with land managers, local mountain bikers, and an assortment of other trail users to create opportunities around the metro area.

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Trail Access comes from Relationships in Charlottesville, VA

University communities offer extensive potential for trails with their vibrant visions, engaged community members, and progressive local leaders. Charlottesville, VA is a great example of a community flush with potential for getting more users out on trails and excited about the sport of mountain biking. With an impressive 20-mile loop-encircling town, Charlottesville is an unassuming hub for trail-based recreation. A constant stream of trail runners passed as we worked our way through our reroute design, many curious what we were up to.

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Volunteers Make it Happen in Evansville, IN

Looking at a map of the country, there have been pockets in rather unlikely territory where mountain biking and trails are at a surprising point. We enjoy hitting that unassuming destination where the community is enthusiastic, all ready exising trails exist with even greater potential, and where the local mountain bike organization is hard at work getting the right programs in place to get more people on bikes.

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