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Community Support pushes Trails Forward in Rice Lake, WI

With the continued growth of the sport of mountain biking, trails have the potentail to become greater community assets for many reasons. Trails have the potential to bring new faces to town from not only a tourism standpoint but also from a relocation one. Mountain bikers and other trail based recreationist’s value trail access as an important component to a housing purchase. In Rice Lake, WI this past weekend we were greeted by many enthusiastic residents and community officials interested in local trail development.

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Riding in the San Juans

The instant we pulled into the small mountain town of Telluride, Colorado, it felt very special.  The breathtaking peaks and ridges of the San Juan Mountain Range tower above the historic town, providing some of the most incredible views of any mountain town, in my opinion. One of the many commonalities among trail enthusiast here is that people came to ski, planning on staying for one season, but they could never bring themselves to leave this special place.

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RFMBA Continues to Improve Access in the Roaring Fork Valley

The Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado is known for it’s high-end culture, massive rocky peaks and extensive access to trails and open space. With great recreational opportunities, Aspen and the surrounding region including Carbondale and Glenwood Springs, is excited to continue to draw the mountain bike community. This past weekend we were welcomed to town by the IMBA Chapter, Roaring Fork Mountain Bike Association.

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The Power of Design

            Ideally, digging in the dirt should be the easy part.  But before any Pulaski’s or chainsaws are busted out, a lot of work needs to take place to make the digging worth the sweat, blisters and sore backs.  For starters, when working on public land, there is an approval process that must take place with the land management agency, sometimes there’s a NEPA or Environmental Assessment.  Once the project has been Okayed, the design and on-the-ground work can begin.

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Check Out the New Trails near Coon Rapids, IA

The art of land management boils down to balance.  Offering recreational opportunities is only one piece of the puzzle, if even at all.  At the Whiterock Conservancy in Coon Rapids, Iowa, sustainable farming techniques are continually being developed while growing othe pportunity to fish, hike, bike, and camp.  Usually providing connectivity through a trail system and to town is an after thought, but Whiterock Conservancy developed a multi-use path connecting the vast 5,500 acres of land generously donated by the Garst Family to the town of Coon Rapids first.   The

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Kansas is not all Flat

Main image: IMBA South Central Region Director Steve Schneider applies his leverage in Kansas. 

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Community Excitement inspires Big Dreams in Montrose

City officials are rarely the first to see the light when it comes to accessible singletrack development—often it is local advocates who are the catalyst to an organized local trail vision. But a recent visit in Montrose, Colorado, was a great example of that minority, where community planners are the ones taking strides to create a community trails master plan and vision. It was refreshing to be invited to an area where there is ample enthusiasm from local mountain bikers, but also extensive buy-in and interest from folks who see value in mountain biking and it’s communal benefits.

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Chaffee County Continues to develop Trails in both Buena Vista and Salida

Boasting expansive views lined with massive mountains, Chaffee County Colorado offers up ample access to outdoor recreation. On the southern end Salida offers the S-Mountain trail system for mountain bikers and other trail users while Buena Vista up north is home to the Midland and Whipple Trails just east of town. Both communities are creating access to world-class recreation paired with quaint, small town amenities.

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Oregon Trails Keep Growing in Salem and Corvallis

Is it the lush, magical forests? Or the endless miles of trails situated in a variety of landscapes throughout the state? Maybe the copious vineyards, breweries, and great coffee? Or is it the arms-wide-open approach in certain areas for mountain bike trail development? For us, Oregon has provided us with many great experiences from visits in Hood River and Klamath Falls last year and some extended time off in Oakridge, Bend, Portland and Ashland in 2015.

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24 Hours in Weaverville

Races are a big part of the mountain bike scene, from traditional XC to downhill and enduro events, and the still-popular endurance (100 mile, 24-hour, etc.) formats.  Race events have created destinations by showcasing the host areas. and they help small communities broaden their reach by attracting riders from all over a region and sometimes, even from across the world. It’s an exciting endeavor for a community to take on a large-scale event, especially for a smaller community.

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