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Boggs Demo Forest Demonstrates Balance with Recreation and Extraction

Watching as a few excited volunteers excavated soil from the pine needle blanketed hillside as we worked to construct a trail reroute, enthusiasm was high as the project vision came more into focus. The trail, one that has been on the ground for more than 25 years, has provided its share of benefits to the demonstration forest. From recreation to access for timber extraction, this area offers a symbiotic relationship for a variety of beneficial uses.

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Land Trust keeps Recreation a Priority in Nevada City

Beautiful pine forests line Highway 20 as it works its way eastward from Nevada City, a Scenic Byway running from the Sierra Foothills into the heart of the arid, rocky mountains around Lake Tahoe. Nevada City is a quaint town with an extensive mining history. Downtown, this history is evident from the narrow streets, to the historic buildings and infrastructure. Known for it’s gold mining past, Nevada City is surrounded by extensive public lands managed by an assortment of agencies.

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Relationsip Building is Key to Improving Access at San Joaquin Gorge

As we made our way up the old legacy trails at the San Joaquin Gorge, it was obvious the mountain bike community utilizes this scenic and challenging trail system. Ride-arounds circumnavigate stairs and water bars work to divert water throughout the historic roads on the BLM property. Once populated by Native Americans because of its functional topography and access to water, the area is now home to a powerhouse that was constructed back in 1896.

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High School Racers make Advocacy and Stewardship a Priority in Petaluma

We were graciously welcomed to Petaluma by younger advocates than we are used to, enthusiastic to learn how to build “sustainable” trails. It was a Friday afternoon and Spring Break was just beginning for the High School students of Casa Grande HS in Petaluma, California. A well-organized group of four mountain bikers from the school invited us for a TCC visit as part of their senior project in hopes of improving the trails their high school team uses each week for training rides.

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Extensive Opportunity in Sierra Vista

If there is one consistent theme that we have seen create successful trail systems in communities, it is organization and involvement from trail users. Our recent visit in Sierra Vista, Arizona is a great example of a community with loads of potential. With current trails constructed on both Forest Service land and the Fort Huachuca Army base, Sierra Vista has a burgeoning mountain bike community complimented by a few local events and a high school race team.

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Prescott, AZ. A Singletrack Destination!

Prescott Mountain Bike Alliance, a community of mountain bikers with an exceptionally strong presence, currently is in the process of completing a 48 mile interconnected trail encompassing the town of Prescott – The Prescott Circle Trail. Continued volunteer involvement, top level strategic planning, and a few key individuals have played a significant role in putting Prescott on the map as a singletrack destination. It is always an enlightening experience for us to visit places like Prescott, so that we can pass on success stories.

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Organization Brings IMBA to the forefront of Trail Improvement and Development in Wickenburg

It’s not often the mountain bike crowd is viewed as the poster child for organization, but this past weekend in Wickenburg, AZ. it was this image that promoted a visit to help develop and organize trail access in the area. In partnership with the Wickenburg Conservation Foundation, the BLM, and local trail users, IMBA was welcomed with open arms and excited ears. Our weekend goal was focused around educating volunteers on sustainable trail building in an area littered with historic trails and extensive erosion issues. Our Trailbuilding School was bound to be a success.

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Improving Quality of Life and Creating a Trails Destination in Kingman, AZ

What makes a town a great place for local residents and a destination too? This is a question that we are asked each and every weekend as we visit communities looking to improve quality of life and tourism traffic through trails. Creating a destination is not the focus of all of our visits, but it is always discussed for one reason or another as it helps legitimize trail infrastructure and help create funding mechanisms to finance continued singletrack improvements.

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Bringing in the Kids on Education and Advocacy in Maui

As more and more communities throughout the country hire professional trail builders, new bike optimized trails are becoming more and more common. Riders have access to more variety, greater trail experiences, which in turn opens up the sport to a broader demographic.  Adults and kids alike find these trails both welcoming and challenging because of their purpose built construction.

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Island Life has its Perks on Oahu

Living on an island has many perks: amazing views abounded by both mountains and oceans, diverse ecosystems precipitated by wet coastal weather, and an amazing connection among community members around the island. These many great things often times trump the less-glorious fact that you are extremely limited with the land, especially when it comes to open space.

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