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State of the Mapping

Last night’s State of the Union address got me inspired to reflect on the state of the mapping at IMBA. As we approach the third year of the program I’m pleased to say that we’ve accomplished a lot.

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Crowd Sourcing and Curation

We’re well into the first year of building MTB Project, IMBA's ride guide and mountain bike trail map resource. Since launching the site in the spring, our dedicated contributors have published a vast array of information, including more than 17,000 miles of rides and trails—thank you!

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Bell Built Grant in Steamboat Springs is on the ground

After several months of work, The Bear River Bike Park in Steamboat Springs has come to fruition.  The local club, Routt County Riders, applied for a Bell Built Grant in the spring of 2013 to make an addition to the local bike park and bicycle community.  Through a collective effort between Routt County Riders (RCR), the City of Steamboat Springs, Flowline Trail Design and IMBA the twe

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Bell Built Grant in Steamboat Springs, CO

The Bell Built Grant awardees in Steamboat Springs, Colorado are about to realize their prize.  The Routt County Riders and the City of Steamboat Springs have been instrumental in getting the Bear River Bike Park site prepped and ready.  Flowline Trail Design and IMBA Trail Solutions arrived on site to begin giving the ridership what they asked for…a big line.  In addition to the expert only line, Flowline is

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More Singletrack on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail

Trail Solutions returned to the Wasatch front in North Ogden, UT for more singletrack on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail.  Teaming up with Weber Pathways and Rocky Mountain Power were IMBA Trail Specialists Joey Klein and Chris Kehmeier.  The duo spent the past week in a race against the heat creating more trail where they left off last fall.  With the help of Weber Pathways and the City of Ogden a new singletrack was created connecting last year’s construction wi

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IMBA Mapping on the Regional Summit Circuit

As the mapping program continues to develop, I’ve hit the road recently to attend the Southwest and Midwest Regional Summits to promote MTB Project.

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Understanding "Rides and "Trails" on

If you've visited the MTB Project website you may have noticed two categories: "rides" and "trails." Some have wondered what the difference might be — one doesn’t exist without the other, right?

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Trail Solutions Wraps Up Trails in China

Trail Specialists Randy Spangler and Chris Kehmeier recently completed a three-week foray in China. While there they led local crews in the construction of a pump trail skills area and a singletrack trail intended for racing events. With over two weeks of stable and dry weather the construction wrapped up just in time to see several days of rain, fog, and cold. There was some buttoning up of the project that required full-on rain gear and massive cleaning of work boots, but everything was completed for the grand opening.

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Old Ways, New Trails

After the initial days of planning, construction has started in Jinggangshan, China where Trail Specialist Chris Kehmeier is working with Trek China and Zhongling Investment Group to build mountain bike trails.

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More Trails Developing in China

In partnership with Trek China and the Zhongling Investment Group, IMBA Trail Specialist Chris Kehmeier is in China currently working on a trail plan for a developing resort near the city of Jinggangshan.  Located in the southeast part of the country, this mountainous region is a favorite destination spot and is eager to add mountain biking to the list of activities available.

After several days of design, Chris will lead a trailbuilding workshop as well as kick off the construction of the first phase of trails.  By spring, the new routes will host their first event.

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