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Leslie Kehmeier's blog

Catching Up with Lea Davison

Lea Davison is one busy woman. She’s an Olympian, a World Cup elite racer and a pro rider for Specialized. If that wasn’t enough for one person, she also co-leads the Little Bellas, a organization that empowers young women through mountain biking.

I had a chance to catch up with Lea recently and get the details on her progression as a mountain biker, her favorite post-ride meal and the questions she wishes everyone would ask her.  

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It’s OK to Talk to Your Phone - Tip and Tricks for MTB Project

56,000! Nice work folks - many thanks to our dedicated contributors!

We’re psyched about surpassing another significant milestone for MTB Project. As many of you know, it’s been no small undertaking to get to this new threshold. It takes some dedication and time to add content to the site.

With many miles still to go, we’ve created some helpful tips and tricks for making life easier as an MTB Project contributor. Work smarter, not harder, right?

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BLM Launches New Mountain Bike Web Portal

I'm back from Outerbike. As promised, I didn't test any new mountain bikes. I did however have the chance to ride (my own rig) with Neil Kornze, Director of the Bureau of Land Management.

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BLM and IMBA Unite at Outerbike

This weekend I’ll be attending Outerbike in Moab, Utah. No, I won’t be testing out a 2016 mountain bike. I promise.

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Road Trip Diaries Episode 4: The Changing Seasons


I finally have a chance to catch my breath after a busy summer documenting trails for MTB Project and the BLM. Several hundred mugs of coffee and thousands of mini-van miles later, it’s exciting to pour over the maps and photos of so many awesome places to ride. It’s definitely a testament to the work that our membership, staff, partners and mountain bikers everywhere do everyday.

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Road Trip Diaries - Episode 3: Connecting Communities on BLM Lands

The works continues on the collaboration between the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and IMBA Trail Solutions to showcase a select list of mountain bike opportunities across the US on BLM lands.

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Rediscovering Moab With My Son and MTB Project

Summer is in full swing and MTB Project is the ultimate resource for finding great places to ride. With almost 50,000 miles of cataloged mountain bike trails, there are experiences for all abilities and ages to discover. 

This story comes to us from Brian Fox of the U.S. Geological Survey. He's an avid mountain biker and map nerd who found MTB Project to be the ultimate tool for his spring family trip to Moab, Utah.

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The Road Trip Diaries Episode 2: An Epic Journey to Middle America

In mid-April the mapping team packed the IMBAru and hit the road for the first IMBA Regional Summit of the year. Although a trip east across Kansas doesn’t seem to be especially motivating for a mountain biker, the group tapped into the MTB Project website and found that plenty of good riding was guaranteed along the way.

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MTB Project: North of the Border

Dark, dank and loam-tastic. These three words describe the mapping team’s recent visit north of the border.

Mapping Manager Leslie Kehmeier and Mapping Representative Brian Smith headed north in late March to work with IMBA Canada’s Field Programs and Consulting Services Director AJ Strawson. The trio worked in AJ’s home area of Vancouver to build new content for the MTB Project website. Since its launch in 2013, site has been primarily focused on the United States.

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The Road Trip Diaries: Episode 1 - All You Can Eat Southwest

Spring is opening season for mountain bike road trips and we (the MTB Project crew) recently returned from our first foray in the IMBAru, visiting 7 trail systems in 9 days in 4 states. We dubbed it the 'All You Can Eat Southwest' tour, riding all over the Colorado Plateau as well as the Sonoran and Mojave Deserts.

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