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Four Shocks and No Handlebars

A friend of mine in Oakridge, OR, who is prominently featured in the MTB documentary Pedal Driven, also happens to have horses that she loves to ride. She recently invited me out to the stable to spend the day riding with her friend Kim, who is very active in the local equestrian community and a professional horse trainer. So why not? And it was a blast! I've ridden before in arenas and on guided rides, but never with the freedom that being on a trail with friends invites.

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100 Miles of Multi-Use Trail Planned for Mount Shasta, CA

This trail planning update comes to us from the Mount Shasha Mountain Bike Association (MSMBA) in northern California.

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R-E-S-P-E-C-T in Idaho

Respecting the natural world is one of IMBA's core values. From building sustainable trails to encouraging volunteer stewardship, we have a proud record of protecting the places we play. In the past — luckily a past that is quickly becoming a tiny speck in the rearview mirror — mountain bikers saw only conflicts with groups that favored Wilderness designations.

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Pacific Northwest IMBA Summit a HUGE Success!

This guest post comes to us from Brian Kilpatrick, President of Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance - West Sound chapter. He attended the 2013 Pacific Northwest IMBA Summit in Oakridge, OR, and had this to say about the experience:

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Please Support Summer Trails at Galena Lodge, ID!

Please take a minute to offer your support of alternative 2 for the Galena Summer Trails Project on the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. With 3 Alternatives, we are supporting Alternative 2 which best serves the purpose of the project as laid out by the the Sawtooth National Forest and meets the needs of the local trails community. Alternate 2 offers mountain biking experiences for a variety of skill levels and supports the design of a stacked loop trail system which simplifies user management and makes for a great ride.

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New Possibilities for the Pacific Crest Trail

Photo: IMBA Pacific Northwest Region Director Anna Laxague exploring in the Oregon woods.

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IMBA Attends Back Country Horsemen of America Annual Meeting

I was recently invited to speak on a panel at the Back Country Horsemen of America's annual leadership meeting. The pannel was to be focused on multi use trail management specifically discussing the various different uses and how we work together to co-exist on the trail. Much to my surprise the panel discussion turned out to revolve mainly around mountain biking. The panelists disgussed issues with shared use trails, successes in partnering with IMBA and IMBA Chapters, safety concerns and much more.

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