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How IMBA’s Advanced Trail Building School Is Creating Better Mountain Bike Experiences For Riders and Advocates

This past October 17–18, IMBA Trail Solutions, THOR (Trails Have Our Respect)—the local IMBA Chapter—and Trek Store Omaha partnered to offer Advanced Trail Building School to ten active advocates in the region. 

“They were very, very excited to get out and work on some berms, rollers, and trail features,” said Michelle Barker, IMBA Midwest Regional Director. “And now there are ten people in the area who have experience with advanced trail-building techniques.”

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Continued Efforts on the Tin Man Trail in Hong Kong

In early November, Trail Specialist HM Lim visited Hong Kong for a continued effort on the Tin Man trail. Focusing on the upper third of the trail, HM, AFCD staff, HKMBA volunteers and the trail construction crew installed several bermed turns and some rolling contour trail. The steeper upper reaches of the mountain required heavy bench cutting through sand stone along with the installation of some armored rollers. The hardened rollers will hold up to the sometime heavy precipitation (think typhoon) and offer a fun, textured riding experience.

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Assessing Trails in the 49th State

Trail Solutions recently visited Anchorage, Alaska to assess the local trails. Teaming up with Singletrack Advocates (the local mountain bike club) and the Municipality of Anchorage, TS focused on the Hillside system and Kincaid Park. In addition to assessing existing conditions for sustainability, user friendliness and safety; Trail Specialist  Chris Kehmeier had to keep an eye out for local wildlife.

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Langfang Bike Park Rises from the Dust

Trail Solutions was contracted to assist with construction of an 80 acre bike park south of Beijing in Gu’An, Langfang, Hebei PRC. After over a year of planning the concept has finally become a reality. Challenged with a site that had very little elevation change the international team focused on every little hill and valley. With very little bench cutting to be had, every trail built was a result of importing the material to create a lifted and tilted platform to ride on.

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Tin Man Trail Continues...

The continued construction of the Tin Man trail above Tai Lam Chung reservoir is creating an amazing new experience here in Hong Kong. Hong Kong AFCD and IMBA Trail Solutions are putting the final touches on the first third of the completed trail, while the middle third is almost nearing completion. Drops, tables, berms and hips are being added into the already lively trail to help add a destination quality feel for the new re-route.

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Chicago Bike Park

The future of cycling took a turn towards awesome earlier this week in Chicago.  IMBA Trail Solutions is teaming up with the Chicago Park District, SRAM and Hitchcock Design Group to begin designs for a bike park element at Park 564 (aka Big Marsh).  While the park will encompass several phases of design and construction, the early phases include substantial bike park interests.  As part of IMBA’s Bike Park Initiati

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Trails in Hong Kong are getting a face lift

The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department in Hong Kong SAR recently contacted IMBA Trail Solutions to assist with trail design and construction in Tai Lam Park.  Trail Specialists HM Lim and Chris Kehmeier arrived on site to help make past design and assessments on the Tin Man trail a reality.

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Daggett County Utah is looking for some trails at Flaming Gorge

IMBA Trail Solutions recently arrived on site to the Flaming Gorge Recreation Area.  Trail Specialist Joey Klein is working with the Flaming Gorge Ranger District in the Ashley National Forest and Daggett County Utah.  Joey’s visit will focus on tracking down ideal locations for trail and amenity expansion to include in a conceptual master plan.  With landscapes and views abounding, the hard part is narrowing down the spots to take visitors to.  For this hidden gem in the west, that is great problem to have.

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China + Bike Park = B-I-G

IMBA Trail Solutions returned to China recently to deliver and review a conceptual trails and grading plan in Gu’An.  Haven’t heard of Gu’An?  Well, it is just south of Beijing and will have an 80 acre bike park located in it’s city limits.  In addition to such amenities as a locker room, bike wash and picnic shelters, it will also have a 2.5 km criterium circuit, six separate pump and jump trails, a dual slalom course, a skills area and whole lot of singletrack.  With nearly 30 Million people within a two-hour drive or train ride, the park promises to see plenty of activity in the future.<

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