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Where 1 mile of flow can take you

Although Springfield, Illinois may not have the trail systems in place yet, CILTA (Central Illinois Trails Assoc.) is excited and committed to bringing in more trails, and doing it sustainably.  CILTA asked for the full gamut of presentations: the Better Living Through Trails presentation, Land Manager Training, and the Trail Building School.  The response in each presentation shows the CILTA is on the right track.

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That's Not a Rock, It's a Gravestone...

Our first visit back from vacation was with the Hoosier Mountain Biking Association (HMBA) in Indianapolis, IN.  HMBA had us working out at Southwest Way Park with Alex Stuart, planning a small project for our volunteers to tackle that Saturday.

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New Trail for NITRO

This weekend was a busy one! We worked with NITRO, the Northern Indiana Trail Riders Organization, in Fort Wayne, IN.  Our line up for the weekend consisted of Club Care, Land Manager Training, Trail Building School, various social hours and a group ride.

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More Trails for Cyclists!

This weekend we were back in the Great Lakes Region with CORA, the Cincinnati Off Road Alliance.

Our visit was focus around East Fork State Park in Bethel Ohio. Our weekend consisted of a couple fun social events, Land Manager Training and Trail Building School. With Easter festivities in full swing, I think we were all a little worried about the turnout we would get on Saturday for TBS.

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No Rocks on a Trail in PA?!

This weekend, we got to hang out in Dallas, PA with the Anthracite Mountain Pedalers (AMP) and teach some dirt church. Over the course of our three days in Dallas, we gave a new, and still to be improved upon, Club Care presentation, Land Manager Training and Trail Building School.

Thursday evening was our Club Care presentation. We had been thinking lately that we could improve Club Care to make it feel more personal for each Club or Chapter that requests it. So, AMP was our first group to receive the Club Care JLo 2.0.

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All Rock, No Dirt.

This weekend, our Trail Care Crew visit was held in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and hosted by the Susquehanna Area Mountain Biking Association. The weather was not looking good for us, but we kept hearing people comment about “PA being this way 9 months a year”, so we figured the locals were use to the chilly, cloudy, misty weather.

Thursday, after we flagged out some trail to work on Saturday, we held a Club Care presentation for the club. We were fortunate to have Frank, IMBA Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, with us to help get the group motivated.

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Richmond is Hard at Work

This weekend’s visit was over in Richmond, VA with RVA MORE. Richmond is one of the top four finalists for the Bell Built Grant this year and they are working towards getting IMBA Ride Center status! There is a lot going on in this city, so we were very excited to come to town and see what the buzz was about.

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Welcome back! It’s always exciting coming off of a vacation back into the life of Trail Care Crew. After 10 days at home, we headed west to Virginia to meet with GLOC, the Greater Lynchburg Off-Road Cyclists. The weather was a little concerning, calling for snow, 70 degrees and then rain, we were excited to see what this weekend had in store for us.

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Build. Ride. Repeat.

We finished up our SORBA tour in Kingsport, TN with SORBA Tri-Cities. It was definitely a busy weekend for us, they requested Club Care, Better Living Through Trails and Trail Building School, as well as group rides and social time!

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Not All of Florida is Flat

If you have the notion that Florida is a flat sandy state, you’re right. Well, mostly. Tallahassee might be one of the few exceptions to this rule.

We were pleasantly surprised to come to Tallahassee to work with TMBA and find that we had a lot of rolling hills to build on. This area is not only rolling, but there is actually soil as well, red clay to be exact.  We toured several trails via group rides, and got accustomed to the terrain we were to be working with on Saturday. I was personally impressed by the amount of climbing there was in Tallahassee.

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