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Global Fat Bike Summit, Ogden Utah

So here I sit in Lincoln, NE in a mental haze....


I am returning home from a bit of an Odyssey, not just physically but also philosophically as well.  This winter has been the end of the honeymoon.  The end of running under the radar, of going where I want to go when I want to go.


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Impressions from the Midwest Fat Bike Access & Grooming Summit

MAIN PHOTO: Hansi Johnson

If there is one thing I have learned as an advocate, it is that you are seldom way out in front of your constituents.

While most certainly an advocate’s job is to lead, most times it is--in reality--to help communicate trends and best practices on things that are already happening to the community.

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Upper Midwest Advanced Trail School at Cottage Grove

There are a few things that can keep a mountain bike community vibrant.  Knowledge.  Both old and new.  To keep in mind the knowledge gained over years of trail building and also being able to take that historic knowledge and apply it in new ways, adapting it for more modern experiences.  Exchange of information is another thing that needs to happen.  To have the holders of the knowledge pass it on to willing participants, but also for the the back and forth, the conversation between the folks that know it and the folks that are learning it.

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IMBA Upper Midwest Regional Summit

Well its that time again folks!


Time to pull together and keep plugging forward in creating a vision for the best off road cycling possible in the Midwest Region.  To that end we are having our Regional Summit on June 15th in Cable, WI.

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The Rock is Rocking and needs your help to keep Rolling

So we are watching history happen as we speak.

The Rock Sports Complex is starting to take shape.  This will be the first full service, private Bike Park in the Midwest.  Folks in the Milwaukee area are going to see that the Ray's phenomenon go summer and they are super stoked!

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Upper Midwest Regional Summit Registration Time

Well folks its that time of the year again.

Time to start thinking about congregating, riding bikes, and telling each other tall tales about things we have built and will be building!


This will be our THIRD regional summit.  Pretty amazing to think how far the region has come in the past four years.  I am especially happy with this seasons Summit as it will be held on the trail system that has perhaps the deepest roots in our region.  The CAMBA Trails.

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New Phase Begins for IMBA and Wisconsin Bicycle Federation Partnership

For the past four years as IMBA’s Midwest Regional Director, I have been tasked with supporting off-road cyclists in building and maintaining trails. This work has not always been easy as each state has its own set of challenges.  But one thing is for sure, good help is always appreciated, and moves us closer to better mountain biking.

Two years ago, the Wisconsin Bicycle Federation approached me with the idea of a partnership, one that shared a vision for Off Road Cycling in Wisconsin as well as membership.

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MORCs very own Reed Smidt on Mountain Bike Radio on why to vote for MORC, Copper Harbor and Brown County and Bell Built!

Some great words via Reed Smidt of the Minnesota Off Road Cyclists on Mountain Bike Radio on why to vote Midwest for the Bell Built Grants!  So far we have all three midwest projects in the running for the grants!


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Bell Built Grants and Voting for Copper Harbor, MORC and Brown County!

This is not about good versus evil.  Or about us versus them.  Norwegian versus Swede or even 29er versus 26er.


This is about shrugging off a wet heavy stereotype.  Like pulling off a rain drenched cycling jacket after getting caught in an unexpected maelstrom 2 hours into a six hour ride.


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