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Rocky Riding on Tap in Western Maryland

This summer, IMBA Trail Solutions continues work at Deep Creek Lake State Park, near Swanton, Maryland, where the rough terrain takes a page from the West Virginia trail playbook.

"This will be rocky Appalachian singletrack with good flow," said Rich Edwards, associate director of field operations with Trail Solutions. "Purpose-built, technical trail with a character like a rocky hiking trail with flow."

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Putting Art on the Ground at Powder Mountain

Mountain bikers often agree that trails are art. At Powder Mountain resort in Eden, Utah, trail development includes ridable sculpture as well.

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Training Exercise Showcases Patrol Group-Rescue Group Partnership

The Santos trail system, near Ocala, Florida, is one of IMBA's bronze-level Ride Centers — thanks in part to the efforts of the Ocala Mountain Bike Association and its patrol group, the OMBA Bike Patrol.

As a Ride Center, Santos attracts thousands of people, both local riders and tourists. As the trails see more users, including more new mountain bikers, the need grows for swift response in case of emergency.

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Life as the Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew

By Jordan Carr and Lani Bruntz, TCC #18

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IMBA's Guide to Sharing the Trail with Horses

Sharing the trail and reducing conflicts between mountain bikes and equestrians is easy. Here is a simple guide on interacting with horses while riding a different kind of saddle.

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Learn More about IMBA's National Mountain Bike Patrol

IMBA's National Mountain Bike Patrol groups are doing great work in their local communities - helping lost or injured trail users, repairing mechanical problems, and working to further mountain bike advocacy on their local trail systems. As they partner with land managers, work with event promoters and assist local emergency organizations, they are helping to further the sport of mountain biking while offering valuable services to their local trail communities. Learn more with this video, highlighting the Clinton River Area Mountain Bike Patrol, located in Shelby Township, MI.

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NMBP Groups in the News

Two hardworking National Mountain Bike Patrol groups appeared in their local newspapers recently, giving them a chance highlight some of the goals of the NMBP — medical response and trail advocacy.

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West Georgia Kicks Off Their New Patrol Group

From Patrol Director Wes Allen:

IMBA-SORBA West Georgia is proud to announce its new bike patrol. The patrol was formed in 2013 with only the Patrol Director Wes Allen and has quickly grown to six patrollers, with more expected.

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Go CRAMBA Mountain Bike Patrol!

The Clinton River Area Mountain Bike Association patrol (southeast Michigan) had a solid year in 2013, scoring new financial support while logging 1065 patrol hours on over 12 different trails. They supported several races and events as well, putting their group in the public eye and demonstrating their professionalism.

Check out what they're doing in this story.

Much thanks from us at IMBA to director Jeremy Verbeke and his patrollers for their volunteerism.

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NMBP Group Trains with Their Local Fire Department

As chapters of the NMBP grow in size and professionalism, they are reaping the benefits of training directly with other emergency response organizations.

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