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Knights That Say Ni, er, Flow!

Trail Specialists Randy Spangler and Dan Hudson are paying a visit to the Kingdom Trails Association, courtesy of Bell Helmets, to work on the Rolly Grail Trail at KTA's Burke Bike Park.

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Stay Tuned for Maine!

Trail Solutions has a valuable partner in the Maine Winter Sports Center.  MWSC's mission is to create a sustainable model for rural communities in Maine.  Preserving Maine's winter sports heritage is their anchor, but snow isn't on the ground 365 days a year and over time singletrack and mountain biking have become part of their programming to improve local quality-of-life as well.

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More New Trails Coming To Wyoming

Another field report from Joey Klein working some more of his Wyoming design magic.  First came Curt Gowdy.  Then came Glendo.  Up now is Guernsey, Wyoming home of the Civil Conservation Corp...

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New Thing in Newark?

Shortly after IMBA’s World Summit conference, Trail Specialists Dan Hudson and Tammy Donahugh visited Newark DE to view and discuss feasible locations for a local pump track and flow lines.

Newark’s local chapter, the Trail Spinners, are well distinguished in planning, fundraising, and building great trails, but this will be their first foray on a bike park style project.  Jim Ireland, president of the Trail Spinners, made sure to involve all of the proper stakeholders as well as provide Trail Solutions with a handful of possible locations and ideas for what could be achieved.

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St Marys Goes From Loop to Figure-8

Mid Atlantic RD Frank Maguire was able to combine some generous local donations with Trail Building Fund to allow Trail Solutions to spend two weeks in St Marys County Maryland to help one of IMBA's newest chapters make some long-overdue improvements to their main trail system.

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Red Bud Running

Red Bud Run is a modest high quality trout stream in the Shenandoah River basin.  Recently acquired by Virginia's Dept of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF), Trail Solutions' developed and implemented a trail plan that both serves park neighbors and supports conservation and education efforts along the stream itself.

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A Trailbuilding Primer For Western Maryland

Trail Solutions returned June 2012 for a third time to western Maryland to share the latest in hand- and mechanized trailbuilding techniques with a new generation of land managers, advocates, and seasonal trail crew.

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Uwharrie Ribbon Cutting - Creating A New Artifact

Please join us for the official ribbon cutting for the new Uwharrie/Wood Run Trails, hosted by SORBA's Tarheel Trailblazers, on Saturday November 12 at the Wood Run Trailhead.

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Lost Coast Communique

A carrier pigeon just dropped off the latest report from IMBA Trail Specialist Joey Klein, who is continuing his multi-year trail effort to build the Paradise Royale trail at California's remote and spectacular Lost Coast.

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King Range Connector Cutting Continues

Like Swallows and Capistrano (okay, that's in the spring but you get the idea) early fall means our colleague Joey Klein returning to the King Range!

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