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Great Trails in Great Falls

Driving to the North Shore trail in Great Falls, Montana had us wondering what we were getting into. Nothing but flat agriculture fields as far as the eye could see. But lo and behold when we crested the ridge was the amazing beauty of the Missouri River and the glorious hillsides, perfect for great trails.

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Know-how in the Methow

The Methow Valley in Northern Washington state has got a lot going for it. Only 4 hours drive from Seattle, their beautiful sunny climate is in stark contrast to the never-ending clouds and rain that persist in Seattle and other towns on the Western side of the Cascade mountain range. This is just one of many reasons Winthrop and other Methow Valley towns have become such a common destination for travelers seeking some relief from the clouds and rain.

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Disciplined Disciples

The Disciples of Dirt (DOD) mountain bike advocacy organization in Eugene, Oregon, is preaching and practicing the gospel of sustainable trail and mountain bike advocacy management with a vengeance. The DOD has been around as long as IMBA, so they have a history as deep as the sport of mountain biking itself.

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Sprucing up the Hood

Hood River, OR, is already known for good riding, and if the number of spandex-clad and armor-clad riders we saw at the local Safeway was any indication, people are coming from all over to enjoy the wide variety of mountain bike trails and other outdoor recreation venues available in the Hood River area.

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For our trail project in Mt. Shasta, California this past weekend, thirteen volunteers joined us in building a bermed turn, which will help riders carry their momentum through the tight turn, rather than sliding out or locking up their brakes trying to make the maneuver. Instead, they’ll be able to look ahead, down the trail for their next line.

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Be Awesome Instead

Perhaps you’re familiar with the meme, “When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead.” As goofy as that may sound, it’s a good reminder for any organization that’s facing challenges. Each week, we meet with a new advocacy organization, most typically a mountain bike club. Each club faces  obstacles, some unique to their area or situation, but most following common themes – low community support and involvement, overwhelmed and burnt out leadership, personality clashes, communication breakdowns, lack of funding, and any number of other difficulties.

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Time To Rally

Sometimes we take things for granted until we’re about to lose them. Due to severe budget cuts, California is facing closures of many of its state parks. Five of these parks are in the Santa Rosa area, which has the community rallying around the cause of protecting the park systems they love. The Sonoma County Trails Council (SCTC), a long-time advocacy organization in the area, is part of that rally.

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Building Bridges

The Ukiah Valley Trail Group (UVTG) in Mendocino County, California builds bridges – of both the literal and figurative kind. Their ultimate mission is to build a bridge between their community members and the natural beauty that surrounds them.

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Great opportunity and treasure in Eldorado?

Eldorado – an imaginary place of great treasure and opportunity. Will the Eldorado National Forest live up to such a grand definition?

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Do You Have a Magic Wand?

This is what Phil Kincheloe, member of the Sedona Mountain Bike Club (SMBC) and the Verde Valley Cycling Coalition (VVCC), asked us as we butted heads over how to align our reroute. Much to our woe, IMBA does not issue one to us when they send us out on the road. There are probably a lot of folks in Sedona wishing for that magic wand right about now as they face a turning point and a number of challenges. Who wouldn’t?

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