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Tell Montana Rep. Zinke to Protect MTB Resources

The Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) is a critical tool for protecting and enhancing outdoor recreation opportunities, and it expired at the end of September.

In Montana, LWCF has the potential to protect mountain biking resources in Haskill Basin, at the base of Whitefish Mountain Resort, that are at risk of development. LWCF reinvests a portion of royalties from off-shore oil and gas leasing to protect recreation, trails, and parks. It has been described as America's most successful conservation program, and it has broad bipartisan support.

Unfortunately, reauthorization of this invaluable program is being held up in Congress by a vocal minority of extremist public lands opponents. Your congressman, Rep. Zinke is in a unique position to help. Rep. Zinke has been a tremendous supporter of the Land and Water Conservation Fund, and, as a Republican on the House Natural Resources Committee, he is in a unique position to help move the bill forward. He needs to hear from you to know that he continues to have the support of Montanans on this issue.

Use this web page, sponsored by the Outdoor Alliance, to contact Rep. Zinke Today! 

Thank you for taking action.