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IMBA Representatives Needed in Forest Service Planning Sessions

The USDA Forest Service is beginning an open, collaborative process to create and implement a modern planning rule to address current and future needs of the 155 national forests and 20 grasslands in the National Forest System.

This is our chance to speak out for mountain biking and make the following points:

  • Mountain biking is a low-impact, non-motorized use that is broadly compatible with National Forests
  • Forest Service planning should provide specific guidance for managing mountain biking
  • Our place in existing Recommended Wilderness should be preserved.
  • Planning should be based on sound science and economic analysis

The purpose of these sessions is to seek input on a set of potential principles that could guide development of a national planning rule. For more information please visit

If you would like to attend a session on behalf of IMBA, please contact kristy [at] imba [dot] com to find out if there is a session in your area. IMBA will provide you with the appropriate tools to clearly state our message to the US Forest Service. Click here (PDF download required) for an outline of IMBA's major talking points.