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Speak up for Singletrack in WI DNR Survey

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is in the process of gathering information for its statewide comprehensive outdoor recreation plan (SCORP) and is using a survey to gather user information and needs. This plan will inform outdoor recreation for the next five years.

It is imperative that mountain bikers, winter fat bikers, and others interested in singletrack trails share their thoughts with the DNR by completing the survey. If you desire more mountain biking, winter fat biking, and other opportunities, this is your chance to let the DNR know!

Please take a few minutes to tell the DNR your thoughts by completing this survey as soon as possible.

From the Wisconsin DNR, “SCORPs are intended to evaluate outdoor recreation trends and issues and set forth ideas about recreation's future role in the state. Put simply, they are the blueprint for outdoor recreation in the state and provide broad guidance to governments at all levels, communities, businesses and organizations on recreation needs and opportunities.”

Survey and more information here.