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Provide Your Input on Forest Service Plans in Southern California

In Southern California, the Los Padres, Angeles, San Bernardino and Cleveland offices of the USDA Forest Service have released a draft of their plans to manage their backcountry lands. This is an important step in an ongoing planning process.

Take Action! IMBA wants your input. Please use this form to let us know what you think of the proposed alternatives and any riding opportunities you think would be affected.

You might include the following info in your comments:

  • Names and locations of trails you ride
  • Condition and maintenance needs of the trails
  • Types of users you usually encounter

IMBA is currently working with our local chapters and clubs to provide input on the proposals. The Concerned Off-Road Bicyclists Association (CORBA), San Diego Mountain Biking Association, Idlywild Cycling, Share MTB, Santa Barbara Mountain BIke Trail Volunteers and Mount Wilson Bicycling Association groups are working together to ensure that mountain biking opportunities will be protected. IMBA California staff is engaged with Forest Service staff as they work to find solutions in this incredibly complex plan, covering landscapes in four seperate forests.

IMBA received a great response to an action alert on the same issue last summer. Please help us again as we seek to represent mountain bikers interests in the planning process.