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IMBA Urges Pennsylvania Mountain Bikers to Speak For State Trail Funds

Governor Corbett's proposed budget will remove dedicated funding for recreation and conservation, threatening the natural legacy of our great commonwealth. Please sign the petition below to join with other recreation and conservation groups in letting your state legislator know you oppose this action.

Take Action!

What would such a change mean to you? If you have sampled the Allegrippis Trails at Raystown Lake, then these funds have improved your riding experiences. If you own a copy of IMBA's books Trail Solutions or Managing Mountain Biking, then you have been impacted by these funds. Currently, the Nittany Mountain Bike Association is working with Clearwater Conservancy to build a new entrance trail to Rothrock State Forest, crossing land that was purchased with help from the Keystone Fund.

Protecting natural resources for generations to come should not be a political issue, but one we can all agree to support.


Support IMBA's effort to keep your trails open — donate to the Trail Access Fund